• The Clock is Ticking: Two Years Later No Justice for Women and Girls Abducted by Boko Haram

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  • Victory! House of Lords Support Anti-Helms Amendment

    New Report on Sexual Violence in Conflict Cites to Global Justice Center

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  • We've Been Here Before

    Keeping Our Promise of “Never Again” to Victims of Daesh’s Genocide

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  • "What's Essential is to Stop Them"

    Secretary of State John Kerry strongly condemns Daesh's atrocities against ethnic minorities and uses the word genocide.

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  • Time Magazine's Powerful New Article on War Rape

    Calls out Helms Amendment and mentions joint letter to Obama affirming Geneva Conventions.

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  • European Parliament Says It's Genocide

    European Parliament calls on states to act to stop ISIS's Genocide of the Yazidi, Christians, and others

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  • GJC Urges International Criminal Court to Investigate ISIS's Genocide against Yazidi Women and Girls

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