• Trumpcare Exemplifies the Link between Gender Parity and Women’s Rights

    Read GJC's Communication Intern Marie Wilken's piece in Ms. Magazine's Blog on the healthcare bill and the need for equal representation in government.

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  • "Upholding the Genocide Convention is important for the special values it protects: plurality, diversity and tolerance."

    Read GJC's Press Statement on World International Justice Day.

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  • "Prosecuting and convicting powerful men, specifically for the crimes against people they have weakened and destroyed, is extremely enabling and empowering.”

    Listen to GJC's latest podcast with Stephen Rapp on prosecuting the Yazidi genocide.

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    "If we want change, we need gender equality at every level."

    On the occasion of the G20 Summit the Global Justice Center renews its calls to world leaders to uphold international law safeguarding the rights of women and girls.

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  • We're Marching for a Women's Bill of Rights

    Listen to our legal experts explain why women in the US need CEDAW and why we don't have it yet.

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  • "You're limiting the scope of the protections given to refugees by international law."

    Read GJC Vice-President's quotes in Al Jazeera's article on the re-instated travel ban.

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  • On International Day in Support of Victims of Torture

    Read GJC's Q&A with Grant Shubin and Akila Radhakrishnan on torture and international law.

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  • "I think we have to talk about how women are seen in society in general, and the underlying thread of misogyny."

    Listen to the second part of our discussion with international law barrister Sareta Ashraph on the Yazidi genocide.

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