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On Nuremberg Anniversary, Call for Justice for Rape Victims


On the 70th Anniversary of the verdict in the Nuremberg trials, it is more important than ever that the international community recognizes and prosecutes when rape is used as a war crime or crime against humanity.

Today, extremists groups like Boko Haram and ISIS regularly use rape as a tactic of terror. Join the GJC in calling for the International Criminal Court to open up an investigation into the war crimes committed by ISIS against women and girls.

As Amal Clooney, who is representing Nadia Murad, a young Yazidi woman who escaped from ISIS captivity, said at the United Nations,

“Nadia and others like her are not seeking revenge, they are seeking justice, and the opportunity to face their abusers in an international court at the Hague.”

Tags: Hague Conventions, War Crimes/Crimes Against Humanity