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That’s Illegal! is the Global Justice Center's new podcast about the importance of international law, why we have it and why we should implement it. Each episode, GJC's legal experts and special guests discuss current events, break down the legality of what's happening and explore possible avenues for positive change.

In our latest episode we are joined by Sareta Ashraph, an international law barrister with expertise in humanitarian law and criminal law, to discuss the genocide ISIS is committing against the Yazidi.

Episode 1: The Laws of War
Within the span of a week, the US dropped 59 tomahawk missiles on airfields in Syria and the “Mother of All Bombs” in Afghanistan. This episode, we discussed "jus in bellow" the laws that govern conducting wars and "jus ad bellow" the laws that govern getting into wars.
Episode 2: The US and CEDAW
What is CEDAW and why is the US one of only seven countries in the world that hasn't ratified it? In this episode, we unpack CEDAW and discuss how it can be used to advance and protect women's rights in the United States.
Episode 3: Trump's Global Gag
In May, the Trump administration expanded the Global Gag Rule to affect $8.8 billion in US global health assistance. In this episode, we discuss the expanded Global Gag and the abortion restrictions that the US has been applying to its foreign aid for decades.
Episode 4: Genocide and Justice
Why are the Yazidis being targeted for genocide by ISIS and how is this genocide being carried out? Special guest Sareta Ashraph joins GJC in this two part episode to discuss the crimes of genocide and the avenues for justice and accountability
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