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Global Justice Center’s Statement on the Operation to Liberate Mosul


[NEW YORK, NY] - As the operation to liberate Mosul begins, all coalition actors should ensure that they uphold their obligations under international law to protect civilians and minimize the harm caused to them. Iraq is a party to the four Geneva Conventions of 1949, Additional Protocol I to the Geneva Conventions and the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of Genocide. These treaties define how Iraqi forces, including the Peshmerga, must carry out military operations.

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Janet Benshoof Teaches Federal Law Academy International Criminal Law Course


At the end of September GJC president Janet Benshoof traveled to the ethnic Kachin State near the China-Burma border to give a week-long training on international criminal law to Federal Law Academy (FLA) students in Mai JaYang. The FLA aims to nurture and advance ethnic youths to become legal practitioners who will then become advocates for establishing the rule of law in Burma. 

You can see below the tutorials that Benshoof used to teach students on international criminal law.

Day 1:  Where Does International Criminal Law Fit into International Law?

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Day 2: International Crimes & International Criminal Liability

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Day 3: International Criminal Law in Practice: Lessons from Iraqi Prosecutions

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Day 4: Rape and other Gender Crimes under International Criminal Law: Anfal and Beyond

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