August 12th Campaign

GJC18 ChildrenVictims

Ensuring the Right to Safe Abortion for Women and Girls Raped in Armed Conflict

Thousands of girls and women raped in armed conflict are routinely denied their rightful access to safe abortions. Our August 12th Campaign – named for the anniversary of the Geneva Conventions - is the first time this routine denial of full medical rights to war rape victims has been challenged as a violation of the right to non- discriminatory medical care under the Geneva Conventions and its Additional Protocols.


Our activities simultaneously advance three interrelated objectives:

  • Create global pressure and support for President Obama to lift the U.S. abortion restrictions placed on all humanitarian aid for war victims, and do so while explicitly referencing the rights of female war victims under the Geneva Conventions.
  • Ensure that abortions are provided on the ground in humanitarian medical settings by international and domestic organizations. 
  • Urge key humanitarian donors - including Norway, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and the European Union - to explicitly require the provision of abortion services to war rape victims with their humanitarian assistance. We also urge organizations, including United Nations bodies, to segregate out their funds from U.S. humanitarian aid to avoid being infected by the U.S. abortion ban.