"New report details ongoing sexualized violence in Burma"

On January 13, 2014, GJC staff members Akila Radhakrishnan and Michelle Onello published an article on the Women Under Siege project blog, titled on new reports detailing ongoing sexualized violence in Burma.

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"The Cruelest Weapon"

Akila Radhakrishnan and Kristina Kallas publish an article in Ms. Magazine, titled "The Cruelest Weapon" on how the US denies abortions to women raped in war.

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Conscious Magazine “All At Sea: USAID Under Obama”

Conscious Magazine publishes Michelle Goldberg's article "All at Sea: USAID under Obama"

This article discusses current women's reproductive rights issues. The Obama Administration has not been as friendly to women raped in armed conflict as women's health advocates had originally hoped it would be. It has yet to deal with the restrictive reading of the Helms ammendment, and though Obama did get rid of the "global gag" rule, he did not do so permanently. 2 years into President Obama's administration, and many in and working with the USAID field are dissatisfied with his administration's weak stance on women's health, and worried that he is losing momentum.

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