Is my organization barred from speaking about or providing abortion services under US abortion restrictions?

Am I Restricted?

YES. Your organization is gagged by the Global Gag Rule and restricted by the Helms Amendment.

You can still…

  • Perform abortions with your non-US funding in the case rape, threat to the life of the mother, or incest.
  • Provide women with all forms of contraception, including emergency contraception.
  • Provide post-abortion care, including treatment for injuries that are the result of unsafe or incomplete abortions.
  • Train medical personnel in the treatment of post-abortion complications, and help strengthen logistics systems that include Manual Vacuum Aspiration kits for post-abortion care.
  • Provide counselling and referrals for abortion services in the case of rape, threat to the life of the mother, or incest.
  • Provide a “passive referral” to safe abortion services if: (1) a pregnant person specifically asks where to obtain a “safe, legal abortion”; (2) they tells the health care provider that they have already decided to obtain an abortion; and (3) the health care provider “reasonably believes” that medical ethics in their country demand that they provide an answer about where to obtain a safe and legal abortion.