Draft Articles on Crimes Against Humanity: Takeaways and Next Steps for Civil Society

On 18 November 2022, the U.N. General Assembly’s Sixth Committee adopted a draft resolution on the International Law Commission (ILC)’s 2019 Draft Articles on Crimes Against Humanity. Co-sponsored by 86 States, the resolution establishes a two-year time frame for the exchange of ‘substantive views’ on ‘all aspects’ of the draft articles, including two ‘intersessional’ resumed convenings of the Sixth Committee in ‘an interactive format’ in April 2023 and 2024.

The purpose of this webinar is to gather and share key takeaways from the Sixth Committee’s April 2023 resumed session on the ILC’s Draft Articles on Prevention and Punishment of Crimes Against Humanity. The webinar will convene civil society experts in international law who have closely tracked the development of the draft articles – and the trends at the resumed session – to highlight key developments and challenges during the session, strategize on how to advance to a convention, and share ideas to continue to improve the draft articles’ substance, including on sexual and gender-based crimes.

Tags: War Crimes/Crimes Against Humanity, Mass Atrocity Crimes