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Lawyers call for criminal accountability for SPDC regime

The Nation publishes several Op-Eds by lawyers, calling for criminal accountability in the SPDC regime.

The first Op-Ed in this collection is one co-authored by Janet Benshoof, founder and president of GJC, and U Aung Htoo, of Burma Lawyers, titled "The Burma Lawyers Council and the Global Justice Center urge the United Nations Security Council to take all actions necessary to stop the murders of innocent people in Burma and hold the military junta commanders criminally accountable".

There are six other Op-Eds included as well.

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PBS Newshour, "The Darfur Crisis"

PBS Newshour published an article titled "The Darfur Crisis?" on sexual violence in Darfur. The article quoted GJC President Janet Benshoof on international prosecutions for perpetrators of sexual violence.

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Law School Students Protest Abortion Decision

Photo by Peter R. Raymond 
As a Lecturer on Law at Harvard Law School, Janet Benshoof, President and Founder of the Global Justice Center, leads a student protest on Supreme Court 2007 decision to ban “partial-birth” abortions. 

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Iraqi Judges Trained on International Law and Crimes of Sexual Violence

The National Lawyers Guild publishes an article by Olivia Kraus titled "Iraqi Judges Trained on International Law and Crimes of Sexual Violence".

This article describes the training the GJC provided for Iraqi IHT judges and women leaders. It was organized in conjunction with the Women's Alliance For a Democratic Iraq (WAFDI). The purpose of the training was to bring these two groups together, and also to impact the way the Iraqi judges saw gender crimes and gender equality.

The article gives background for the event, and then describes it and its consequences.

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