Title Published Date
Open Letter to the Secretary General: Annual Children in Armed Conflict Report June 22, 2020
Letter to Human Rights Council: Urgent Debate on current racially inspired human rights violations, systematic racism, police brutality and the violence against peaceful protests June 15, 2020
Joint Statement Opposing Trump Administration Measures against the International Criminal Court June 11, 2020
Sign on Letter: Request to convene UNHRC special session on Police Violence June 03, 2020
Statement of Solidarity with the World Health Organization June 01, 2020
2019 Annual Report May 26, 2020
(Updated) Q&A: The Gambia v. Myanmar – Rohingya Genocide at The International Court of Justice May 20, 2020
FY 2021 Appropriations - Repro Community Letter May 19, 2020
CSO letter in support of the UN and WHO May 19, 2020
Submission to the Commission on Unalienable Rights May 19, 2020
Letter sign-on: Allow civil society to submit new supplemental reports for the UPR May 12, 2020
Asia Justice Coalition Statement - Rohingya at sea May 01, 2020
Global Submission to US Commission on Unalienable Rights May 01, 2020
Joint CSO letter to UNSC on participation & transparency April 17, 2020
Submission to the Group of Independent Experts: The Need to Center Gender in the Review of the International Criminal Court and Rome Statute System April 15, 2020
MISP Letter to Acting Administrator O'Connell April 14, 2020
MISP Letter to Acting Administrator Barsa April 14, 2020
Re: Request regarding Covid-19, Docket: FDA-2020-D-1106 April 06, 2020
Bangladesh: End Internet Blackout to Protect Public Health of Rohingya Refugees and Host Communities April 02, 2020
Joint letter re: restrictions on communication, fencing and COVID-19 in Cox's Bazar District Rohingya refugee camps March 31, 2020