Title Published Date
Access to Contraception for Military Servicemembers June 08, 2019
Open letter to SG for a credible list May 24, 2019
Coalition Sign-On Letter for House "Born Alive" Amendment May 09, 2019
Iraq: Submission to the United Nations Universal Periodic Review March 29, 2019
Coallition Letter Opposing the Nomination of Robert Destro for Assistant Secretary of State for Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor March 21, 2019
NGO Joint Letter to UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres March 20, 2019
Sign On Letter Opposing the Nomination of Robert Destro to be Asst Sec State for Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor. March 05, 2019
Family Planning Coalition letter to the House Appropriations Subcommittee for Labor-HHS for FY 2020 appropriations for Title X March 04, 2019
Reproductive Rights Are Human Rights Act February 22, 2019
Letter to the CEDAW Committee: Supplementary information to Myanmar’s Report on an exceptional basis, scheduled for review by the CEDAW Committee at its 72nd Session February 21, 2019
Letter to HHS: Comments in Response to Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, Notice of Benefit and Payment Parameters for 2020 February 19, 2019
Censorship Exported: The Impact of Trump’s Global Gag Rule on the Freedom of Speech and Association January 30, 2019
Global HER Act Organizational Endorsement January 28, 2019
Joint NGO Letter to the Office of the Special Representative to the Secretary-General on Sexual Violence in Conflict January 25, 2019
Observations and Topics to be Included in the List of Issues United States of America: US Abortion Restrictions on Foreign Assistance January 14, 2019
Senate 109 Coverage Ban January 14, 2019
Repro Community Opposition Letter to William Barr for Attorney General Sign-On Letter January 08, 2019
Beyond Killing: Gender, Genocide, and Obligations Under International Law December 06, 2018
Submission to the International Law Commission: The Need to Integrate a Gender-Perspective into the Draft Convention on Crimes against Humanity November 30, 2018
Sign-on Civil Society Letter to Sec. Pompeo Regarding Erasure of SRH November 20, 2018