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Title Published Date
Letter to Chief Justice de Jersey: Re: Existing obligations Erga Omnes require the Conference of Chief Justices of the Asia Pacific region to publicly exclude Chief Justice U Aung Toe of Myanmar as a Conference participant November 10, 2009
Letter to Ban Ki-Moon: Re: Urgent Action Needed to Denounce Myanmar/Burma’s 2010 Elections and Constitution Which Disenfranchises Women and Attempts to Give the Military Junta Amnesty From Prosecution at the International Criminal Court March 04, 2009
The Current Situation in Burma July 21, 2008
Global Justice Now: Investing in Women Leaders as Key Players in Transitional Democracies October 23, 2007
Unequal Access to Justice in the Middle East September 01, 2007
Don’t Fight the Phony Wars: The US Exportation of Gender Inequality September 01, 2007
The Anfal Decision: Breaking New Ground for Women’s Rights in Iraq June 01, 2007
The Use of CEDAW to Invalidate Discriminatory Laws and Promote Gender Equality February 23, 2007
Criminal Accountability for Heinous Crimes in Burma: A Joint Project of the Global Justice Center and the Burma’s Lawyer’s Council January 01, 2007
Full Incident Report: Sexual Violence and Abuse of Women in Iraq - July 16, 1968-May 1, 2003 February 01, 2006
Using CEDAW to Advocate for Reproductive Rights February 01, 2006
Using International Law in the Struggle for Democracy and Women's Participation in Burma February 01, 2006
Gender Justice and Training for the Iraq High Tribunal February 01, 2006