Title Published Date
Security Council Resolutions on Women, Peace and Security in Practice: The Failed Case of Burma June 02, 2014
Updating State National Action Plans to Ensure the International Humanitarian Rights of Women and Girls Raped in Armed Conflict June 02, 2014
How the US is Blocking Access to Safe Abortion Services for Women and Girls Impregnated by Rape in Syria June 02, 2014
Letter to Commissioner Kristalina Georgieva: Re: The Commission’s Policy on Abortions for Women and Girls Impregnated by Rape in Armed Conflict April 29, 2014
Letter to Secretary Hillary Clinton, April 2012, Re: US Security Council Presidency and Next Steps on Myanmar/Burma February 07, 2014
A Call for Leadership by the United Kingdom to Secure the Inalienable Rights of Girls and Women Raped & Impregnated in Armed Conflict to Non-discriminatory Medical Care including Abortion September 12, 2013
Submission to the CEDAW Committee for the Review of Burma, October 2008 August 13, 2013
The Gender Gap and Women's Political Power in Myanmar/Burma May 22, 2013
Invisible and Silenced Women: The Stories of Women Tortured During Saddam Hussein's Regime February 01, 2013
Written Submission on the General Recommendation on “Access to Justice” February 01, 2013
How Burma's Constitution Blocks the Burmese Government from Establishing Democracy and the Rule of Law February 01, 2013
Shadow Report to the Human Rights Council for the Universal Periodic Review of the United States February 01, 2013
Letter to Tomas Quintana: Urgent: The Activities of the Special Rapporteur on the Situation in Burma, including Endorsing the 2008 Constitution and the 2010 Election, are Inconsistent with the Obligations Erga Omnes of the United States January 31, 2013
Letter to Baroness Scotland of Asthal: Re: Request for the United Kingdom to Propose a Security Council Resolution Referring the Burma Situation to the International Criminal Court, May 2008 January 28, 2013
Suggested List of Issues to Country Report Task Force on the United States of America December 28, 2012
Myanmar/Burma’s Binding Obligations Under International Law November 30, 2012
Global Advancement in Women's Rights Under International Law November 01, 2012
UN Security Council Resolutions on Women, Peace and Security: A Chart Detailing State Mandates to End Crimes of Sexual Violence in Armed Conflict, Ensure Accountability and Promote Gender Parity in Conflict and Post-Conflict Situations November 01, 2012
Domestic Criminal Laws That Conflict with International Law: Burma's Abortion and Rape Laws - A Case Study November 01, 2012
Letter to Ban Ki-Moon: Re: An Urgent Call to Correct Critical Errors Regarding Military Rapes in Myanmar in Your January 13, 2012, Report to the Security Council on Conflict-related Sexual Violence February 17, 2012