Title Published Date
Observations and Topics to be Included in the List of Issues United States of America: US Abortion Restrictions on Foreign Assistance January 14, 2019
Beyond Killing: Gender, Genocide, and Obligations Under International Law December 06, 2018
Submission to the International Law Commission: The Need to Integrate a Gender-Perspective into the Draft Convention on Crimes against Humanity November 30, 2018
Factsheet: Structural Barriers To Accountability For Human Rights Abuses In Burma October 10, 2018
Letter to The Honourable Fatou Bensouda, Chief Prosecutor, "Re: Preliminary Examination into the Situation of the Rohingya in Myanmar" October 10, 2018
Gender Crimes Require Gender Justice for Burma's Rohingya September 19, 2018
Discrimination to Destruction: A Legal Analysis of Gender Crimes Against the Rohingya September 17, 2018
Exporting Censorship: How U.S. Anti-Abortion Policy Violates International Laws on Freedom of Speech and Association May 03, 2018
Iraq’s Criminal Laws Preclude Justice For Women And Girls March 26, 2018
US Abortion Restrictions on Foreign Aid and Their Impact on Free Speech and Free Association March 06, 2018
Submission to Independent International Fact-Finding Mission on Myanmar February 15, 2018
Submission to the UN Human Rights Council for US UPR February 13, 2018
What Is The Law? Armed Conflict and Abortion Services November 01, 2017
Shadow Report to the Committee against Torture in relation to its examination of Bosnia and Herzegovina's Sixth State Party Report October 02, 2017
GENOCIDE AND GENDER: Daesh’s Crimes Against Yazidi Women and Girls February 13, 2017
GJC & OMCT Submission to the Committee against Torture in relation to its examination of the Sri Lanka’s Fifth State Party Report October 17, 2016
Prosecuting Genocide: European Union Obligations in the Age of Daesh October 11, 2016
Briefing Paper for the CEDAW Committee on Women’s Rights Challenges in Myanmar July 05, 2016
Submission to the United Nations Committee against Torture 59th Session List of Issues Prior to Reporting – United States June 27, 2016
Shadow Report on Myanmar for the 64th Session of the Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women June 10, 2016