Title Published Date
International Solidarity with Women and Peaceful Protestors in Poland October 29, 2020
Prioritizing the Women, Peace, and Security Agenda in the First Hundred Days October 16, 2020
Reproducing Patriarchy: How the Trump Administration has Undermined Women’s Access to Reproductive Health Care October 14, 2020
Letter Opposing Nomination of Amy Coney Barrett October 09, 2020
Joint Statement: UN Human Rights Council Update on Resolution on Racism, Police Brutality October 01, 2020
HRC 45: Joint Civil Society Statement on Abortion October 01, 2020
Non-Governmental Organizations, Faith-Based Groups, Legal Professionals, Experts, and Former Government Officials Unequivocally Oppose U.S. Sanctions Against the International Criminal Court September 21, 2020
Letter to US Congress: Reproductive Rights and Racial Justice August 04, 2020
GJC Public Comment - Commission on Unalienable Rights July 30, 2020
Q&A: The International Criminal Court Investigation into the Situation in Bangladesh/Myanmar July 15, 2020
Myanmar’s Proposed Prevention Of Violence Against Women Law - A Failure to Meet International Human Rights Standards July 13, 2020
Myanmar - UPR Submission to the UN Human Rights Council July 09, 2020
Open Letter to the Secretary General: Annual Children in Armed Conflict Report June 22, 2020
Letter to Human Rights Council: Urgent Debate on current racially inspired human rights violations, systematic racism, police brutality and the violence against peaceful protests June 15, 2020
Joint Statement Opposing Trump Administration Measures against the International Criminal Court June 11, 2020
Sign on Letter: Request to convene UNHRC special session on Police Violence June 03, 2020
Statement of Solidarity with the World Health Organization June 01, 2020
2019 Annual Report May 26, 2020
(Updated) Q&A: The Gambia v. Myanmar – Rohingya Genocide at The International Court of Justice May 20, 2020
FY 2021 Appropriations - Repro Community Letter May 19, 2020